How Attending a Hunks Show Can Help You Get Over a Breakup

How Attending a Hunks Show Can Help You Get Over a Breakup

Breakups and divorces are terrible. You scream you cry, you have regrets—but in the end, you always walk away stronger. And look on the bright side: now you have a perfect excuse to get out and meet the Hunks with your besties! Hunks the Show is the world’s number one touring male revue, and these guys have exactly what it takes to get your mind off your breakup and on to new things. Things like rock hard muscles, chiseled bodies, and the hottest guys you’ve ever seen.

It’ll Give You Something Better to Think About

After a breakup or divorce, there’s nothing you need more than to turn off your brain and think about something else for a while. There’s no sense dwelling on the past, so why not turn your attention to bigger and better things, and bigger, better, and sexier guys! Hunks the Show is just what the doctor ordered, and these guys will have you thinking about anything but your troubles by the end of the night. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect at the show:

  • Choreographed dance routines featuring the sexiest guys on Earth
  • Pumping music and dazzling light shows
  • Costumes that will bring all your fantasies to life
  • Up close and personal time with the Hunks

You’ll Get Much Needed Time with Your Friends

A Hunks show is the perfect opportunity to get all the ladies together for an incredible night of fun, dancing, music, and some good ole adult-style entertainment. Ladies get together to see the Hunks for “just because” nights, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and divorce parties, and helping you get over your breakup is another great reason. Think of it as therapy. Sexy therapy that includes drinks, dancing with hotties, partying, and the best time of your life.

Talk About a Distraction!

They say the best way to get over a breakup is to get back on the horse, especially if there’s a hunky cowboy involved who’s giving you a lap dance. Or maybe it’s pirates or men in uniform that you prefer? Don’t worry—Hunks the Show has it all, and regardless of whether you love a blond hunk, a brown-haired babe, or a bearded beefcake, as long as you like chiseled hard-bodies and men with moves, then a night with the Hunks is the perfect way to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Then again, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a hunk who can do that for you!

Getting over a breakup takes time, but a night out at Hunks the Show will launch you into healing mode at light speed. So get your best friends together, plan yourselves the perfect girls’ night, and grab your tickets to see Hunks the Show before they’re all sold out. The Hunks are always on the move, and you don’t want to miss your chance for the hottest post-breakup therapy around.

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Important Benefits of a Girls Night Out

Important Benefits of a Girls Night Out

Girls’ night out has long been heralded as the best night of the week, and there’s even research out there that proves girls’ night is even good for your health! There are a number of reasons why this time with your ladies is so important, including that it brings you and your gal pals closer together, helps you deal with stress, gives you a chance to relax and unwind, and the dancing you inevitably do keeps you healthy and active.

Getting Closer to Your Besties

Life and responsibilities often get in the way of spending enough time with friends, and this can lead to friendships that sit on the backburner for far too long, and you losing touch with the people you love. Having a regular girls’ night is a great way to ensure that you and your friends stay close and that you don’t let life get in the way of your relationships. Your friends are an integral part of your life because they’re the people you trust when you’re in need, the ones you turn to when you need help, and the ones you count on when you want to have a great night out!

Girls’ Night for Stress-Relief

Not only does a ”just because” girls’ night out with the ladies improve your mood, but it also reduces stress levels by elevating your levels of oxytocin and producing feelings of bliss. And thanks to the stress-reducing abilities of girl time together, friendships between women also decrease a woman’s risk of death. So next time your responsibilities at work or home try to stop you from getting together with the ladies, make sure everyone knows your health depends on girls’ night!

A Great Opportunity to Let Loose and Have Fun

Cyndi Lauper said that girls just wanna have fun, and truer words were never spoken. Ladies’ night isn’t just about seeing your friends—it’s also about doing the things that you don’t have time for during the week, exploring new activities, being able to get dressed up in your most fun outfit, and giving yourself permission to let loose and have a fab time. Here are some of the greatest girls’ night ideas of all time:

  • An all-male revue like Hunks the Show
  • Trying something completely new and whacky with a Groupon experience
  • Hosting your own fashion show
  • Having a wine and dine crafternoon
  • Getting dressed up like royalty and go to the opera or a play
  • Dressing up in fun costumes or themed outfits to go out on the town

Making Sure, You Get Enough Exercise

Now don’t go thinking that girls’ night is only about fun because it’s also an important opportunity for you to get some much-needed exercise as well—in the form of dancing (we were kidding, girls’ night is all about fun). And even if you’re tired of the club scene, you can always try something new with your ladies, like a pole dancing class, a night at a tango or salsa club, fancy ballroom dancing, or even a square dancing night at the country club.

Ladies’ night has many important benefits, including for your health, your mental health, and your relationships with your best girls. So next time the Hunks are rolling into your town, make sure you clear your schedule, make arrangements for the kids, find a dog sitter, and tell everybody that you and your besties are busy that night!

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Why Hunks the Show is Better than a Male Stripper

Why Hunks the Show is Better than a Male Stripper

Girls’ night, birthdays, bachelorettes, divorce, and just because parties aren’t parties until there are burly hunks involved, but planning yet another trip to the strip club or even hiring a male stripper for your party is so 2005. What your girls’ night or celebration needs is HUNKS the Show, a touring male revue that’s bringing sexy back, and to your hometown. Instead of planning for another night at the strip club, here are five hot reasons to see the HUNKS instead.

So Many Hotties

Having a male stripper come to your party is a fun way to spice up a celebration, but you only get one guy. Going to a strip club is somewhat better, and you may see five guys over the course of the night. But at a HUNKS show, there are eight sexy, sculpted, steamy hunks for you to feast your eyes on.

Your Fantasy Is Their Command

When the HUNKS first come on stage, they may be dressed like hotties in suits. And while the guys are obviously hunks, the suits might not be your thing. But don’t worry—before long, the guys will have danced and stripped their way across the stage, and before you know it a new song will come on and you’ll have firemen on stage ready to please, or army men, or cowboys, or even pirates! There are so many fantasy costume changes during the best all-male revue show they’ll make your head spin.

There’s More Action

Strip shows can be enjoyable, but they are by no means an action-packed night of never-ending interest and sexiness. The HUNKS, on the other hand, put on an electrifying performance that will have every hair on your body standing on end. The music, the lights, the dancing, the unending parade of he-men: not all the male strippers in the world could compete with these HUNKS.

You Can Sit in the Middle of All the Action

Strip clubs tend to have small stages and not much room for more than one or two guys at a time. But HUNKS the Show isn’t a strip show: it’s an entire performance. In fact, it’s the number one touring male revue in the world, and that means there’s always plenty of room on stage for all the hunky guys plus on-stage seating for some lucky ladies.

 The HUNKS Come to You

Ladies who aren’t lucky enough to get on-stage seeds needn’t worry: the HUNKS will come right to you in the audience. These guys don’t like to play by the rules, so not a show goes by when they don’t wander out into the audience to personally serenade a few ladies, letting you get up close and personal with all the HUNKS.

Strippers are all well and good for your run of the mill get together, but when you really want to have fun, you need the electricity and fire of HUNKS the Show. These guys know how to work it, and they know how to get you, and your besties worked up. From the singing and the dancing to the music and the costumes, the HUNKS will have you wondering what you ever saw in regular old male stripper shows! View tour dates and buy tickets now.


Why Hunks the Show Beats a Stripper for a Birthday Party

Why Hunks the Show Beats a Stripper for a Birthday Party

So your best friend has a big-deal birthday coming up, and as her BFF it’s your job to make sure that it’s a special one, right? And you’ve talked to a few other friends who said, “so and so had a male stripper at her party, why don’t you do something like that?”

But you know your best friend’s big day is important, and you know she deserves something bigger and better than a male stripper. But what exactly is it? Easy: it’s the HUNKS! HUNKS the Show is the number one all-male revue in the world that’s on tour, and if you treat your friend for her party, she’ll be wishing every day was her birthday. 

The High-Energy Performance Is Ideal for a Party

HUNKS the Show isn’t just about sexy men getting naked. It’s a whole production that involves professionally choreographed dancing with synchronized music and light displays—and of course, the sexy men getting naked! But these guys love what they do, and each performance is energetic, fun, and full of hard-bodied dudes who can’t wait to show you their moves. 

The Hot Seat Is the Best Present a Girl Could Get

One of the first things HUNKS first-timers notice are the on-stage seats that are available for a few lucky women. And in the middle of all those seats, and in the middle of all those hot bods, is the hot seat. It’s reserved for one special woman who needs a little extra attention, because she’ll be the main focus for the HUNKS all night long. She’ll be serenaded, she’ll have HUNKS holding her hand, and she’ll melt a little more with every move, every song, and every glance from the sexy beasts on stage.

You’ll Live Out Multiple Fantasies in One Night

Who hasn’t watched Magic Mike or the Bachelorette and wished they could see guys like that in person? Well here’s a little secret for you: not only are the HUNKS the hottest male stripper/dancer/entertainers around, but they’re also former models, bodybuilders, and reality TV stars.

So those guys you’ve seen on screen and wished you could meet in person? Now you can, at the HUNKS show (because let’s be honest, this is just as much a gift to yourself as it is a present for your bestie!) And boy will it be worth it when you see them on stage, strutting their stuff and playing out your deepest fantasies before your eyes. The show involves multiple segments, and each one focuses on a different fantasy and different costumes, like men in uniform, firemen, cowboys, and more.

It doesn’t matter if your friend is turning 30, 40, 80, or anything in between: HUNKS the Show is still the ideal birthday gift for any lady who loves men. If you’re looking for a gift that tells your friend that you care about the level of excitement in her life, then you’ve just found yourself the perfect gift. Don’t waste time at the strip club or booking a private strip tease for your party—skip all that and come right to the source of pure exhilaration, HUNKS the Show. View tour dates and buy tickets now.

HUNKS the Show is Coming in Hot to San Diego at Pala Casino

HUNKS the Show is Coming in Hot to San Diego at Pala Casino

hunks in san diegoThey say you try your luck anytime you go into a casino, but soon that’s all going to change. On October 15, the HUNKS are coming, and for one night only, everyone who walks into Pala Casino will be a winner! HUNKS the Show is the world’s most popular touring male revue, and you and your friends could become some of the lucky ones who’ve been able to see these studs in person.

So Much More Than a Strip Tease

On October 15, the Pala Casino in San Diego will come to life like never before when the HUNKS take the stage. Unlike regular San Diego male strippers who just get naked on stage, HUNKS is an exhilarating and high-energy show. The HUNKS perform with serenades, choreographed dancing and light shows, and sexy costumes as they play out your wildest fantasies in front of your eyes.

The Perfect Way to Celebrate the Best Nights of Your Life

HUNKS the Show is a popular and perfect way to celebrate all life’s milestones, and women all over the country have seen the show with their besties for bachelorette parties, girls’ nights out, birthday bashes, singles’ nights, and just for something fun to do on a Saturday night! And if you want your chance to see the best San Diego male revue ever to come through town, you’d better get on the phone with your girls now to get your tickets and plan your perfect night out together.

Your Chance at the Hot Seat

One of the best things about HUNKS shows is that they’re unlike any other stripper shows in San Diego. You can actually get up close and personal on stage in the hot seat to meet the HUNKS and be in the center of the action as the guys parade around you in uniforms, dressed as cowboys and firefighters, or just plain shirtless and stripped down to their skivvies. But whether you’re up on stage surrounded by hard bodies or being mesmerized from the audience, the HUNKS put on interactive and show-stopping performances, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Just Who Are These Sexy HUNKS?

The HUNKS are eight of god’s best gifts to women. They are chiseled and handsome guys who started out as models, dancers, and performers, and who today tour the country with the sole goal of bringing pleasure to women through song, dance, and sexiness!

The show at Pala Casino on October 15 is going to be unforgettable, so make sure you and your friends don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime. The multiple act HUNKS the Show performance will forever change ladies’ night, is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or a last night of single life, and it will have you and your friends raving about the hot HUNKS for years to come! View tour dates now and book your seats for the show of a lifetime with the HUNKS.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Girls’ Night Out

Tips for Planning the Perfect Girls’ Night Out

perfect girls night outGirls’ night out is definitely one of the best days of the month, so it’s nothing to skimp on when it comes to planning. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, big event, or just wanting to get out with the ladies for a night on the town, girls’ night deserves attention and proper planning. But don’t worry: with the right girls and the right plans, organizing your next night out will be half the fun, and with these few tips, you can guarantee that your next girls’ night will be one for the books!

1. Start the Planning Early

You and your besties are busy people, and that means it’s nearly impossible for you to all get together for an impromptu girls’ night out. If you want everyone together for a night out, you need to make plans and reservations well in advance. Unless of course you secretly want to end up sitting on your couch in sweats with perfect hair and makeup watching reruns because you have nowhere to go?

Didn’t think so! So call up your friends, send an email, or put together a mass text and get the troops rallied. Decide on a time and date that’s at least one week in the future to give yourselves plenty of time to get your plan on and give the ladies time to free up their schedules.

2. Start With Happy and Appy Hour

The best way to start any girls’ night—well, any night, actually—is with cheap drinks and great food that will give you plenty of energy for the night to come. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy, but why wouldn’t it be? Try out a new wine bar, tapas place, or beer garden for a few beverages and appetizers to get your night started right.

3. Do Something New and Exciting

The point of girls’ night is to get out and be wild with your best friends, so why waste the night going to the same old bar with the same old regulars to discuss the same old stuff? Exactly—you wouldn’t! Girls’ night is about glory days, memories, and getting a little crazy. Need a few ideas? Here’s a hint: while the rest of the ladies in the world are at the strip club, you and your girls can grab tickets to HUNKS the Show, the world’s most popular touring male revue that features singing, dancing, lights and music, and of course, some of the world’s sexiest guys.

4. Have Transportation Arranged

This is where your planning comes in handy because the last thing you need to worry about during ladies’ night is how you’re all going to get safely from point A to point B. It doesn’t matter if you convince a significant other to chauffeur you around, hire a limo, or just preschedule a few Ubers: just make sure everybody can get to, from, and home without having to drive or scramble for a ride.

5. Make it a Cell-Phone-Free Event

Girls’ night is for fun and friends, not for stressing about the details of everyday life and work. And there’s no better way to disconnect from all that than to turn the cell phones off, ignore emails, forget texts, and not answer phone calls for the entire night. Unplug, enjoy the time you’re spending together and don’t worry about what’s going on in the Twittersphere or on Facebook.

Girls’ night out is one of the best ways for best friends to stay connected as adults, because while every one of you is busy with your own life, girls’ night gives you the chance to get away, reconnect with each other, and have a blast together. So do yourselves a favor and put some extra time and effort into planning your next girls’ night, and don’t forget that one of the best ways to spend ladies’ night is with the HUNKS. View tour dates now.