Nervous About Seeing an All Male Revue? Here are Some Tips to Help You Get Over It

Nervous About Seeing an All Male Revue? Here are Some Tips to Help You Get Over It

Your first Hunks show is a thrilling experience, and all that excitement could make even the most steadfast woman swoon with delight. But there are things you can do to prepare yourself for this epic night of fun and sensuality. First and foremost—get your girlfriends involved! Once you have your sidekicks with you, get out there and have the best night of your life. And believe it when you hear that as soon as you get to the venue and hear the music and see your first Hunk, all your worries will melt away.

Get Together with the Girls First

Your best friends have probably seen your best, your worst, and everything in between, and their role in your life is to help you through the tough times and be by your side to enjoy the good ones. And that’s exactly what Hunks the Show is: the good times! So why not make a whole night of it? Get together with the ladies before the show and have yourselves the best girls’ night ever. Assemble at the house and bring your clothes and makeup so you can have a couple of drinks and some apps as you get ready together, just like in the old days.

Pretend Like You’re Going to Any Old Club (with Super Hot Guys!)

It can be easy to get yourself in a bit of a panic before an exciting event that you’ve never experienced before, and a Hunks show definitely fits the bill for heart-pumping entertainment. But if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, just act like you’re going to your favorite club for the hundredth time. After all, the Hunks show is probably happening in a bar, casino, hotel, or other similar venue, so your surroundings will be familiar, even if the sexy men on stage aren’t!

Allow Yourself to Let Loose

One of the best things you can do for yourself before a Hunks show is to allow yourself to relax and have the amazing time you deserve. To help you get ready for the show, here are a few things you can expect from the night:

  • Hot, ripped guys onstage
  • Great music, electrifying lights, and choreographed dances
  • Costume changes to delight your heart and bring your fantasies to life
  • Titillating strip teases
  • Sexy men walking through the crowd and getting close with the ladies

Listen to What Other Satisfied Hunks Fans Have to Say

One delighted lady recently said that the Hunks were the hottest men she’s ever laid her eyes on and that she loved every minute of the show. Another satisfied reviewer said the up close and personal experience with the Hunks helped make for the best girls’ night in a long time. One hot-under-the-collar customer even said the 10 out of 10 performance was enough to get her hot and sweaty. And on a final note, one thoughtful reviewer mentioned how nice and friendly the Hunks were, and how wonderful and entertaining the show was.

This doesn’t sound like the type of fun any woman should deny herself! You deserve a night out on the town with your girls, and there’s no better way to reward yourselves for all your hard work than a night out with the Hunks. And if you feel nervous at all before the show, just lean on your friends and remember that the Hunks are just human—even if they are the sexiest men on Earth and are about to strip before your very eyes!

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Why Standard Male Stripper Shows are Boring

Why Standard Male Stripper Shows are Boring

Ok, maybe a standard male stripper show isn’t totally boring—but it does pale in comparison to a HUNKS show! Male strippers are great: they’re fun, talented, and can certainly move, but most ladies leave a male strip performance knowing that something was lacking from the show. And that’s where the HUNKS come in: they take the traditional male strip show and amp it up by a thousand! So yes, when you compare the HUNKS to a standard stripper, the stripper definitely seems boring by comparison, and here’s why.

1. They Only Do One Thing

They’re called strippers for a reason, and it’s because they strip. Sadly for you ladies, that’s all they do. They come on stage, wiggle around a bit, and slowly remove their clothes in a mildly sensual manner. But once the clothes are gone, so are the guys.

2. Where’s the Singing and Dancing?

Because male strippers only put on a strip tease, they don’t incorporate singing, dancing, and role play into their performances the way the HUNKS do. These HUNKS aren’t just eye candy—they’re talented dancers and performers who can move, strip, and improvise to keep you excited and entertained every step of the way.

3. There’s No Exhilaration

When you want excitement, you want a guy who’s totally into what he’s doing, and the HUNKS are fully committed to your pleasure. They’re energetic, enthusiastic, and simply can’t wait to make you scream with delight again and again, because they’re not satisfied until you are. Every song and dance is lively, loud, and fiery.

4. You Don’t Get to Join the Fun

A strip show is all about watching: you sit in the audience and watch from a distance as the guy on stage moves around and gets naked. But you don’t get pulled on stage, you don’t get to touch or feel those sculpted abs, and you definitely don’t get to join the excitement. But the HUNKS get off on audience participation. They love walking through the crowd and picking out special ladies to tease, and they love involving you in the show.

5. Where’s the Hot Seat?

Every HUNKS show has on-stage seating and one hot seat for a very lucky lady. The on-stage seats guarantee not just the best view in the house, but also the most action. And the hot seat isn’t called the warm seat for a reason, so you can expect some extra special attention when you’re the one in the middle of all that raw, masculine sexiness. Ever been to a strip club with a hot seat? Didn’t think so.

6. It’s Just Not Hot

All of these knocks against male strippers lead up to one thing: the performances just aren’t hot and sexy the way the HUNKS show is. No singing or dancing plus no exotic moves plus little enthusiasm and no audience participation equals boring. So when you’re out with the girls expecting the time of your life, a male stripper simply won’t do.

HUNKS the Show was born from the knowledge that male strip shows were fun, but that something big was missing from the performance. But lucky for you and ladies all over the world, the HUNKS have figured out exactly what that is, and they’ve mastered the art of fulfilling every desire you’d expect from the world’s foremost all-male revue. So next time you and your girls are thinking of ideas for a fun night out, don’t think stripper—think HUNKS! View tour dates and buy tickets now.

Things You Can Do at a Hunks Show that You Can’t Do at a Standard Male Stripper Show

Things You Can Do at a Hunks Show that You Can’t Do at a Standard Male Stripper Show

Ever thought that a strip club or home visit from a male stripper would be a great idea for a girls’ night out, birthday party, or bachelorette? These are fun ideas, and you would undoubtedly have a great time. But let’s face it: the male stripper thing has been done before, and there’s something missing from the whole experience.

Lucky for you, the HUNKS know exactly what that is, and this number one male revue will give you and your friends exactly what you’ve been craving. And just in case you want a sneak peek at what to expect, here are five things you can do at a HUNKS show that you’d never dream of doing at a traditional strip club.

1. Watch Your Fantasies Come to Life

Male strippers tend to have one move, so to speak: they start dressed and they take off their clothes. That’s it. That’s the show. But HUNKS the Show is a full-on male revue, and that means multiple acts, amazing light displays, singing, and costume changes. And that means in a single show, you can be serenaded by all your favorite fantasy characters, like the firefighter, the army man, the sexy stud in a suit, or even the pirate.

2. Sit on Stage

When have you ever been to a strip club where you were actually on stage with the guys the whole time? Never, because strip clubs just aren’t designed like that, and standard male stripping performances aren’t about audience participation. Not so with the HUNKS. Everything they do is designed to titillate the ladies in the audience, and that means plenty of interaction. You can even book on-stage seats that put you face to face with the best exotic male dancers you’ll ever see.

3. Warm Up in the Hot Seat

But the HUNKS don’t stop there. They know how important it is for a woman to feel special, and that’s why every show has the hot seat. And yes, it’s called that for a reason! You’ll be at the center of the stage with all the HUNKS’ heart-melting eyes—and hands—focused on you. The birthday girl or bachelorette may wear the tiara at a strip club, but at HUNKS the Show she’s the real princess.

4. Touch, Feel, and Grind

Most male strippers don’t mind when the ladies get a little handsy, but the HUNKS expect it. After all, they know that ladies can’t see the show and keep their hands off! During the show, the HUNKS will be walking around in the audience, picking special women to help out with certain moves, and showing off their goods up close.

5. Be Amazed by Professional Singing and Dancing

Before the guys became actual HUNKS (let’s be honest, they were always hunks), they were bodybuilders, models, and even television stars. And because they’ve always been in the spotlight, they’ve learned a thing or two about using their bodies the right way. So along with having chiseled abs, sculpted bods, and handsome faces, these guys can also sing, dance, and perform.

Want to find out what you have to look forward to at the HUNKS show? Have a look at the online profiles for the HUNKS to see just how excited you should be. This show has the naked guys, but it also has professional dance moves, thumping beats, theater-style lighting, and a level of audience interaction you’ll never find at a regular strip show. So next time you and your ladies are getting together for a party, celebration, or a just because night, make sure you make it a HUNKS night. View tour dates and buy tickets now.

How to Talk Your Friends Into Seeing an All Male Revue

How to Talk Your Friends Into Seeing an All Male Revue

A male revue is a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday, girls’ night, or a bachelorette party, and it’s also a great way to spend a Saturday night or help a newly single friend get back out in the field. But if you’re worried that your friends might need some convincing, here are six amazing reasons why every woman should see HUNKS the Show at least once.

1. Explain that It’s Like a Live Musical (And Everybody Wants to Feel More Cultured)

Do your friends love the theater? Do they love singing? How about dancing? Well, then you can go ahead and explain to them that they’ll love every aspect of HUNKS the Show. The performance has choreographed dances, hit songs, costumes, and best of all…

2. …It’s a Live Musical with Strippers!

HUNKS the Show has it all, including the singing, dancing, light shows, and choreographed performances. And don’t forget to mention the best male strippers you’ll ever see! These guys are ripped, handsome, and sexy, and they love to show it off.

3. Your Friends Shouldn’t Be the Last to Know

Over a million women all over the world have already seen the HUNKS perform, and you don’t want to be the last one to the party. This is one of the best male revue shows in the world, and it won’t be long before everybody finds out the secret. After all, it’s already hard enough to get tickets before they sell out!

4. The Boys Will Make Your Heart Skip

The HUNKS weren’t always dancing studs, but they’ve always been sexy, they’ve always taken care of their bodies, and they’ve always shown it off. Some of the HUNKS are former models, some are former bodybuilders, and others are former reality television personalities.

5. You Can Get Up Close and Personal

Unlike traditional strip shows, the HUNKS love getting the audience involved in the show. They’ll walk through the crowd, single out special ladies, serenade women on stage, and give extra special attention to the lucky lady in the hot seat.

6. Your Fantasies Will Come to Life Before Your Eyes

Is it a man in uniform that you love, or maybe a hunk in a suit? Or do you prefer something more exotic, like a pirate? Whatever it is that floats your boat; the HUNKS will be there to make your dream a reality. The show involves many acts, multiple costume changes, and hard-body HUNKS wearing outfits that are straight out of your deepest fantasies.

And if your friends still need one last incentive to see a male revue, then how about this—you deserve it! HUNKS the Show is fun, exhilarating, and a night of pure delight and indulgence. You work hard, you deserve to play hard, and the HUNKS are here to help you do just that. This is one pleasure you don’t want to deny yourself! View tour dates and buy tickets now.